Wise Wizard Games adds solo and cooperative play to Sorcerer with Endbringer

Endbringer plus Six All-New Expansions Packs for Sorcerer on Kickstarter on June 30th!

June 30, 2020 – Framingham, MA – Wise Wizard Games LLC, the makers of Star Realms, today officially launched Sorcerer Endbringer, adding solo and cooperative play to their horror-themed strategy card game. Along with 6 new expansion packs, Sorcerer now offers solo, PVP and cooperative play for 1-6 players, with millions of combinations for gameplay! The new expansions are now live on Kickstarter.

Sorcerer is a beautifully crafted Victorian era dark fantasy game where players take on the role of evil sorcerers battling for control of the mortal realm. At the start of the game, each player creates a unique sorcerer by combining a Character Deck (which shows who you are) with a Lineage Deck (which represents the style of magic you inherited), and a Domain Deck (which reveal where you honed your magical powers). Shuffle those cards together to form your Grimoire, which contains your dark magic and evil minions and you are ready to play! Summon horrific minions to different battlefields, and do battle using custom skull dice.

This Kickstarter features six all-new Sorcerer packs (2 characters, 2 lineages, and 2 domains) and the Endbringer expansion for solo and cooperative play! Plus the “Everything Tier” is a great deal for new players!

The base game plays 2-4 players and can be expanded to 6 with the Battle Royale format. The new solo and coop provide an entirely new experience battling crazed demigods and their hordes for deep solo or cooperative play for 1-3 players.

“Solo and cooperative play has been part of the vision for Sorcerer from the very beginning. Peter Scholtz and I have been working closely on this for a long time and are thrilled with this new gameplay.” said Rob Dougherty, CEO of Wise Wizard Games.

The Sorcerer Endbringer Expansion provides an incredible amount of play for solo and cooperative play for 1-3 players:

  • 13 Oversized Cards
  • Four 20-card Nemesis Decks
  • Four 25-card Horde Decks
  • 45 Other Game Cards
  • 4 Giant Standees
  • 3 New Battlefields
  • 50 Counters
  • 1 Score Dial
  • A Full Color Rulebook

With Endbringer’s 64 Nemesis combos and the 6 new expansion packs, Sorcerer offers a crazy amount of replayability: over 500,000 PVP matchups, over 55,000 solo matchups, and millions of possible cooperative matchups!

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About Wise Wizard Games
Wise Wizard Games LLC was founded in 2013 by a team of seasoned professional gamers dedicated to creating games that are affordable and fun for everyone. Their first game, Star Realms, a space combat deckbuilding game, exploded in popularity and has won 7 Game of the Year awards. Their games are known for being easy to learn while also having enough strategic depth for even the most advanced gamers.

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