Wise Wizard Games launches Sorcerer and expands Epic Card Game player community with a special promotion as the show sponsor for Origins Games Fair  

The maker of Star Realms launches their first big box game of dark fantasy horror!   

June 11, 2019 – Framingham, MA – Wise Wizard Games LLC, the company created by Magic: The Gathering Hall of Famers Darwin Kastle and Rob Dougherty, today officially launched Sorcerer in the U.S. for sale at the Origins Game Fair, after selling out at UK Games Expo earlier this month. After much anticipation, Sorcerer will be available for sale in local game stores worldwide on June 20, 2019 with an MSRP of $49.99. Sorcerer combines the best elements of a customizable card game with a tabletop war game bringing something new and exciting from the team behind Star Realms.

The game has a unique sorcerer creation phase, in which each player selects a Character Deck, a Lineage Deck, and a Domain deck to shuffle together to create their sorcerer at the start of the game. Players then play minions and vie for control of two out of the three battlefields of Victorian London. Much strategic thinking, playing of combinations and skull battle dice rolling ensue.  

Peter Scholtz, the Slovakian Game Designer of Sorcerer said, “First, I created the stories about the origins and abilities of the sorcerers, and then I designed the game around these characters, horrors and places that filled my mind. I am thrilled to see my passion come to life as part of Wise Wizard Games. It is a dream come true.”

Rob Dougherty, CEO of Wise Wizard Games added, “We are thrilled to see this project of passion come to life, and the feedback so far from players has been amazing!”

Sorcerer has many unique features:

  • Sorcerer is a 2-4 player game with stunning artwork that combines the best elements of strategy card games and war games, developing players’ skills in resource management and tactical positioning.
  • Each player builds their sorcerer by selecting three decks, each filled with depth and details in their flavor and artistic design, and then shuffling the decks to create their sorcerer deck for the game, with 64 sorcerer deck combinations in the base game alone.
  • The omen and fate tokens provide a thrilling dice re-roll mechanism that results in the back-and-forth dice rolling combat phase.
  • The game comes with 173 cards, including 12 skill cards and 1 Blood Pool card, 3 Battlefields, 4 Player Boards, 4 avatar standees, 8 custom carved dice, 7 wooden tokens, and over 100 counters/tokens.
  • Six additional expansion packs are also offered on the Kickstarter, including three Kickstarter exclusive packs.


As Show Sponsor of Origins, Wise Wizard Games will also be giving away 3,000 copies of Epic Card Game to gamers to expand the Epic Community. Up to 4 players can play sealed, draft, and preconstructed decks out of a single copy of the game. They will also be hosting the Origins Epic Card Game $10K Championship and the Origins Star Realms $10K Championship this weekend at Origins.


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About Wise Wizard Games

Wise Wizard Games LLC was founded in 2013 by a team of seasoned professional gamers dedicated to creating games that are affordable and fun for everyone. Their first game, Star Realms, a space combat deckbuilding game, exploded in popularity and has won 7 Game of the Year awards. Their games are known for being easy to learn while also having enough strategic depth for even the most advanced gamers.


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