Expand Your Game!

Virgiliu Character Deck

Play as Virgiliu and use your pyromancy to burn your enemies to cinders! You will rain fire damage upon opposing minions. If your fire sorceries destroy a minion, you will search your grimoire for more powerful sorceries or even an immortal phoenix to add to your hand! This pack is a complete Character Deck for use with Sorcerer containing a Virgiliu avatar standee, the Virgiliu character skill card, and 10 cards for your grimoire (2 Ashborn Phoenix, 2 Fire Blast, 3 Ignite, 2 Incendiary Spawn, and Pyromancer’s Coat).

Sylvanei Lineage Deck

Play as The Druid and ensnare your opponents with the ancient magicks of the forest. As a descendant of the Sylvainei lineage, your minions will grow root armor while a never ending supply of Tree-Kin sprout forth to serve you. Over time, your Tree-Kin will grow into mighty Deeproot Guardians! This pack is a complete Lineage Deck for use with Sorcerer containing The Druid lineage skill card, 5 Tree-Kin / Deeproot Guardian token minions, a rules card, 8 root counters and 20 cards for your grimoire (Athanasi The Awakened, 3 Barkskin, 2 Fernglade Leshy, 2 Flourish, 2 Greater Heal, 2 Mamuna, 2 Moonwraith, 2 Murkwater Spriggan, 3 Seedborn Vitalist, and Watchful Trailblazer).

Bloodsoaked Fjord Domain Deck

Claim the Bloodsoaked Fjord as your domain and crush your enemies with the mighty trolls of the north. You will have no shortage of raw power with the trolls of the Bloodsoaked Fjord in your ranks. You’ll whip them into a berserker rage and unleash the mightiest of attacks. This pack is a complete Domain Deck for use with Sorcerer containing The Bloodsoaked Fjord Domain skill card and 10 cards for your grimoire (2 Bonegorger, 2 Fleshstalker, 2 Skullcrusher, 3 Spineripper, and Sur The Uncontested).